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A: E-Topup is when you can recharge your pre-paid mobile without the need of a pin or a scratch card. It is available online upon paying for the recharge value. Your mobile gets the requisite topup from the service provider.
A: Recharge is when you extend the validity on the card depending on the validity coupon and, it also gives you additional talk time. Whereas, Top up is when u still have validity but no money to use.

The top up recharge has no validity and the original validity remains. dctepay provide both recharge and top up.
A: You can avail this service by simply registering you by filling up a simple form with your contact details.Once done you will be able to use all our services
A: Following are the requirements you need to fullfill to avail our service:
a) You have to register yourself with dctepays
b) You Should be a mobile user/DTH user
c) You should have valid mobile/DTH service provider from the list of service providers & circles that are available with dctepays
d) To pay for the services you should be having an internet banking user ID for bank account or should have valid credit/debit cards
A: dctepays is 100% secure website. We are SSL secure which means that all your personal information is encrypted at the time of registration and online transaction and stored in our servers which cannot be hacked at any point of time. Also, Security is a key concern for all parties when transacting online business. At dctepays, we have ensured you have no worries on this front while doing your recharges with easyepayments.com.
A: Yes you can. Once the registration is complete you can immidiately start to avail all our services.
A: Following are the reasons for which you may get an Invalid Transaction status:-

1. Mobile number/DTH subscriber ID is incorrect.
2. Recharge denomination entered is incorrect.
3. If you have recently ported and the change has not happened in the database of the service provider.
4. The service provider is temporarily unavailable for some technical error.
In the above circumstances, your card will get changed or amount will be debited from your account, however the recharge will not be successful. dctepays is automated as far as unsuccessful transaction are concerned. As soon as your transaction is unsuccessful at the service provider end, we will instantly refund the money to your account. The money will get credited to you account within 7 business working days.
A: e your transaction is successful and you do not receive a recharge or confirmation sms, please check your account balance i.e., talk time/viewing limit of your mobile/DTH service. If the account balance does not increase, please contact your service provider with the transaction ID provided on your email or contact us through the contact us page with the details of mobile number, time & date of recharge, recharge amount & the transaction ID and we will get back to you.
A: We accept all major credit cards debit cards, cash cards and on-line banking accounts.
A: Refund is an automated process on dctepays. As soon as your transaction is unsuccessful from the service provider end for whatever reasons, the amount gets automatically refunded from our panel. The banks usually take 5/7 business working days to refund the amount into your account.
A: When a transaction is "In Process", we request the member to wait for sometime for the status of the transaction. Transactions sometimes go "In Process" when there is some connectivity issue either with the payment gateway/bank or the service provider's servers. In such cases we try to re-initiate those transactions and after getting the successful status from the service provider, the member gets successful recharge. If the recharge is not successful, the amount will gets refunded to the member's bank account. The same shall be reflected in your account within 7 business working days.
A: CVV/CV2/3-digit verification number is for your safety and security. Each transaction requires that you enter your credit cards verification number. The verification number is the last 3-digits of the number printed on the back of your credit card. This number is for verification purposes only and are never stored.
A: You can contact our helpdesk by sending a mail to us on help@easyepayments.com and for more details on your transaction.
A: On the Login page, there is a "Forget Password" link. Please click on the same and enter your registered email id. A mail will be sent tom you instantly with your login details. If any more problem arises then write us at help@easyepayments.com
A: In order to know the status of your transaction kindly log in to your Account and click on the Transaction History tab. In this panel you can check the status of each and every successful as well as unsuccessful transactions with details as to why your transactions.
A: In case of any tariff related problems, please contact your respective service provider on their customer care number. You can connect to every mobile operator costomer care by dialing 198 ( maynot work in few cases).
A: Kindly mark a mail to us with your query on help@easyepayments.com and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.